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guys! we're now using @biandangnyc instead of this account. we're scheduled to open next week! stay tuned. about 1 year ago
We are now known as Bian Dang, please follow us @biandangnyc about 1 year ago
Hello world. about 1 year ago
To the hand full who follow this page, and don't follow our current page, please come on over we miss you @sweeterynyc 6 months ago
StreetSweets has a new name, we are now Sweetery. Our new Twitter feed is http://twitter.com about 1 year ago
Test 1 about 1 year ago
Lunch 2day @ the WFC lot on northend & vesey st. Burger of the week THE TEXAN! Preorder 9172929226 about 3 hours ago
@zach_inc great chocolate helps you get in shape! 3 days ago
@kristinwartman check out our shop at 81 Bergen street !! 8 days ago
@sarahaines *ping* about 2 hours ago
@RidingShotgunLA <- WINS @jeniontheblock @chefspike @makersmark about 4 hours ago
@jeniontheblock If your were locked in a room with @ChefSpike, @RidingShotgunLA, & a bottle of @makersmark, what would get (redacted) first? about 4 hours ago
Tag your it. Ace is base! http://t.co 12 months ago
We're dishing out the goods at the Ace Hotel!!! Stop by and say hi #gbyguess #oasisbeachclub http://t.co 12 months ago
Officially arrived at 84700 58th ave in Thermal in the @gbyguess vehicle making pals #gbyguess #oasisbeachclub http://t.co 12 months ago
@LiLStephy We are swamped with EVENTS for this summer.We have a 300 cupcake minimum for events!Email us at eddie@cupcakestop.com w/ details about 1 hour ago
@laura_gemma she will have to visit our King of Prussia Mall location in July or get an invite to one of our private events!!! about 2 hours ago
@NYCfoodtrucker @TheCrepesTruck @cupcakecrewnyc We do PRIVATE events 7 days a week!!!!!! Email to set up your event at eddie@cupcakestop.com about 2 hours ago
Leaving dubai bye bye .. 5 months ago
Tour the book fair .. Met the US ambassador going to visit his highness museum 5 months ago
Just arrived in dubai .. Salaam 5 months ago
Desi food truck is parked in front of 10 Hanover Plaza by Water st for Lunch. Mucho tasty......shall be at NYU for the evening (West 4 st ) about 3 hours ago
@ColumbiaFoodPod we r parked on B'way & 114-113 st ...did not find parking on Amsterdam ave..sorry for the walk guys 1 day ago
Desi truck is in Columbia area on Broadway between 113-114 st...sorry did not find parking on Amsterdam &117 st 1 day ago
We did it!!! The US has officially recognized Cachaça. We LEGALIZED IT!! Thanks to all of those that supported our campaign about 23 hours ago
Come find in the @wynwoodartwalk giving out sorbet, prizes & foosball for all!! 3 months ago
Art Walk, Miami. Where are you at tonight?? #fullmoon 4 months ago
@melissabeth115 oooooooh, that is a good idea! Maybe one week, we will!!! Maybe there are two Wednesdays some weeks, too! about 3 hours ago
@LICfoodtruckLOT: Dumplings, sliders, treats. Enough said......... @RickshawTruck @mikenwillies @TheTreatsTruck about 4 hours ago
@LICfoodtruckLOT today for lunchtime! Then late afternoon on Bway (86 & 87th)!!! We'll tweet exact hours soon! about 5 hours ago
I posted a new photo to Facebook http://t.co about 18 hours ago
There's a whole lot going on tonight at union pool, including awesome tacos! http://t.co 1 day ago
Finailly on #Yelp: Today was my 4th time to visit finailly & it will definitely be my last! I really tried to like ... http://t.co 10 days ago
This week's special will make you feel special. Spekuloos Spread, Peach apricot jam, and whipped cream! De Jam Session http://t.co about 2 hours ago
Keep on voting Wafeloons & Wafelonnes! With your continued support we will make it to #1! Dinges for the win! http://t.co about 4 hours ago
For 1 Free Thursday Dinges: tell us why the chicken really crossed the road. about 4 hours ago
Coming along... about 15 hours ago
Happy Easter to you. 4 days ago
April 11th dude! @jaycastruita: @BistroTruck I can't wait for one of your burgerssss!!! #hungry” 7 days ago
@TheSussmans @KOGIBBQ @COOLHAUS @shrimppimptruck @thegreasywiener @getshaved @LAist bringing back the Mothertrucker - last yr best seller 2 months ago
translated into 28 languages! http://t.co 7 months ago
DO NOT FOLLOW. Visit our official Twitter profile GreenTruck to keep up with us about 1 year ago
Water and broad....open at 1130. Spring is sprunging down here... about 3 hours ago
@UrbnGastronomy mmmmmmm...ramps about 6 hours ago
Tuesday - 12:00-2:00 Hudson and Harborside Pl. 5:30-9:00 Columbus and Marin http://t.co about 1 month ago
Thursday - 12:00-2:00 Hudson and Harborside Pl. 5:30-9:00 Columbus and Marin http://t.co about 1 month ago
Wednesday - 12:00-2:00 Hudson and Harborside Pl. 5:30-9:00 Columbus and Marin http://t.co about 1 month ago
Need a rundown on NYC's best chocolate chip cookies? Hit up Dessertbuzz: http://t.co about 23 hours ago
help save qba! bsns partner wanted. call 973-687-2000 6 months ago
ask @TheEllenShow to let qba feed her 300 member audience the best Cuban food lunch! qba wants to spread the word: seeking business partner! 6 months ago
@TheEllenShow qba's food truck will drive xcountry to feed u & ur audience! plz let us on ur studio lot! & help save qba! @qbacubankitchen 6 months ago

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